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May 28, 2018 2 min read

#1 Hidden Danger In All Natural Deodorant

Well, that is not entirely true. It’s more like:

The #1 Hidden Danger In 99% Of Natural Deodorant.

Seriously, this is something that has been pushed under the rug for years and it actually has one of the MOST TOXIC and HARMFUL effects on our bodies.

The vast majority of ‘Natural Deodorant’ brands on the market are selling the same story: ‘Traditional deodorant is toxic and bad and natural deodorant is good.’

And this is true to a point.

Yes, many of the natural deodorant brands on the market have removed all the toxic ingredients from the formulation and many brands have removed most of the toxic ingredients and yet some ‘natural’ brands are still full of toxic ingredients and rely on crafty marketing and new term variations to sell their product.

But there is one thing 99% of them all have in common.

When deodorant is made, it is typically hot poured into it’s plastic container. A material that is mostly derived from oil and contains a toxin call BPA (Bisphenol A).

Now BPA is a nasty little bugger and no one is immune to it. It’s a starting material for the synthesis of plastic because it is clear and tough. And because we’re becoming a plastic society, it’s also one of the highest volume of chemicals produced worldwide.

BPA is a KNOW carcinogen and xenoestrogen which means it mimics estrogen.

Here are just a few things that BPA has been linked to:

Altering your hormones
Disrupting your endrocrine system
It’s found in 93% of Americans
Heart disease
Breast, Brain and Prostate Cancer
Erectile Dysfunction
Sexual Dysfunction 
Learning Disorders 
Early Puberty
Man Boobs

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