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May 18, 2018 2 min read



18 Ways to Protect Your Family Against Everyday Toxins


  1. Avoid BPA in the lining of Canned Foods - go for fresh. BPA has been linked to breast and prostate cancer.

  1. Ditch your microwave. If you can’t, avoid microwaving any plastic at all.
  1. To avoid lead and other contaminants, make sure to filter Your Water. If you’re using a Reverse Osmosis system, you can add a re-mineralizing filter or get an alkalinizing pitcher.
  1.  Always run your water to avoid stagnant water.
  1. Buy Natural: Truly Natural Products. Look for plant based cleaners, body products, and make your own.
  1. Choose Organic - Following the clean 15 and dirty dozen list.
  1. Only eat free-run and naturally raised meat... and even better, go organic.  This will reduce your exposure to antibiotics, growth hormones and other toxic chemicals that animals are exposed to. Avoid charred or processed meat
  1. Avoid smoke. If others are smoking, find another place to eat, sit, drink…  If you smoke, stop. Cigarettes are the top pollutant in kids and are linked to many child illnesses like asthma and ADHD. Not to mention are a HUGE cancer causer to you and others.
  1. Avoid alcohol. It destroys brain cells which does not enable you to operate at your peak level. It impedes focus, attention and is awful for the body (especially the liver). Of course a drink (or a few) here or there isn’t an issue.
  1. Avoid the use of pesticides. You cannot control your neighbours, but you can control what’s used on your property. Make sure the park they play in is a pesticide free area.
  1. Ask the school your children attend to go toxin free. Go in and show them alternatives if you have to.
  1. Toxic Free Renovations - Go for the low VOC paint or NO VOC paint.
  1. Avoid polyurethane foam and other such materials. Common culprits: furniture, children's toys, etc.
  1. Avoid any pressed wood products as much as possible.
  1. If you have vinyl floors, get them out of your house. Autism and ADHD have been linked to the hormone disrupting phthalates in Vinyl floors.
  1. Use a HEPA vacuum. It traps chemicals and toxins better than the others. 98% of household dust can be trapped if you use a HEPA filter.
  1. To eliminate many harmful chemicals that get tracked into the house, take off your shoes when coming in from outside.
  1. Get a Radon reading. It’s the leading cause of lung cancer.


Authour: Margaux Khoury