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June 06, 2018

John & Mary-Ellen Landry

5 Reasons to Eat Your Beans!


1. They are packed with healthy protein. Might as well address the obsession we have with protein today. Depending on the variety of bean or legume, (lentils, peas, etc.) they can pack a punch per serving. 1 cup, or approximately 200 grams of beans or lentils, contains 18-32 grams of protein depending on your bean/legume of choice. So in a serving of chili, Chana Masala, or lentil soup you could get almost 1/3 of your daily needs for this macro-nutrient. This chart on protein in beans is pretty great. And check out here how beef compares to beans in protein (and other nutrients).

2. They add fibre to your diet. Most people are not even close to reaching their need daily intake of fibre. Canadian women need 25 grams of fibre per day and men need 38 grams of fibre per day.  Most Canadians are only getting about half that much. Why is this important? Consistently, numerous studies show a lower correlation for risk of heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, and longevity to name a few. Not motivated by the future? Then consider your quality of life when you are constipated and how it affects your daily life and routine.

3. More satiating meals. Put another way, they help you feel full longer. This is likely due the combination of fibre, protein, and slowly digested carbohydrates.  


4. Helps with weight control and weight loss. Since we feel fuller, longer, we don’t tend to need to replenish so soon after a meal. Regular bean and legume eaters tend to have healthier body weight than those who do not eat these foods on a regular basis.

5. They taste great! Be it a hummuschiliblack bean burger, or lentil soup, beans are delicious. Need to ease into them? Start with adding red lentils to a spaghetti sauce, whirl up an oil-free hummus, or try making some chili.

Fast Fact: The ‘toots’ from your beans are not nearly of concern as the amount of emissions from livestock. Did you know that the methane from cow’s burps and farts significantly contributing to climate change?


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Authors: John & Mary-Ellen Landry