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April 19, 2018 2 min read

Interested in toning your body? Want to live healthier?

Are you also a meat-eater? A die-hard carnivore?

However extreme or unappealing it may seem, a plant-based diet offers a multitude of proven health benefits; the kinds of benefits you can see AND feel, both inside and out.


The Inside:

According to The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, plant-based diets are proven to lower blood pressure, “bad” cholesterol levels, and even rates of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. They reduce the risk of hypertension and general stress. They raise energy levels and vigour, enhance mental faculties, and can even decimate your availability to depressive thoughts.

The Outside:

Plant-based nutrition contributes to a slimmer, fitter physique. It reduces the overall demand for animal-derived products and practices, contributing to a cruelty-free, sustainable future. In the long run, fruits and vegetables are far less expensive, significantly safer, and more environmentally conscious to produce than meat.


Let’s be real though – despite the proven benefits, it is often a daunting challenge to shift from a meat-based diet to a plant-based one. Certainly, even more so if you consider yourself to be one of the aforementioned "die-hards". So, if you’re seriously interested in making a healthier change, comfortably, you can always start small with plant-based nutrition.

5 Ways to Shift to Plant-Based

  1. Start by making very tiny reductions in the amount of meat you consume during meals, replacing these small portions with an increasing amount of vegetables
  2. Use savory items in your dishes (mushrooms, nuts, cauliflower, lentils, etc.) to better mimic the taste and texture of your favorite meats, and don’t forget to spice it up
  3. Add more whole grains and vegetables throughout your transition to ensure you feel full and receive adequate levels of protein and nutrients (do some research)
  4. Fruit is an excellent alternative to sweets and packaged snacks; replace one snack a day with a good serving of fruits, berries, and even seeds, to satisfy that sweet tooth
  5. Go beyond your diet; there are tonnes of vegan or plant-based products and services available to you (cleaning supplies, cosmetics, deodorants, clothing, etc.). If you find it difficult to change what you eat, it may be easier to start with items you use and wear on a regular basis

It takes effort to make the transition, but it’s undoubtedly worth it. Even if you give it a shot and fail, or end up as mostly plant-based (as opposed to fully plant-based), it’s still a service to your health and to the health of the planet. Try it out!

Enjoy a greater balance of body AND mind.


Author: Taylor Nason