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May 07, 2018 1 min read

Common predator? Do we need one? Do we have one? Are we our own?

No matter your view on how we all got here… can we not all agree that until recently (very recently based on evolutionary data), our species have been primarily hunter gatherers?  As such, scarcity, weather, and larger, aggressive, injured or simply hungry animals have been a shared threat to our livelihood. We have learned to dominate the land itself with agriculture. We can build structures that defy nature’s wrath to protect us, our livestock and crops to some extent. We have learned how to hunt from a distance, with continuously superior weaponry.  The propensity to use said weaponry on each other may be our undoing before ecological disaster has a chance to take hold.

Would a common predator help us wake up and smell the coffee?

There are many global governmental controls and audits in regards to weaponry. If we kill ourselves by weapons of mass destruction… the poor planet, never did a thing to deserve us.

Can we view climate change as the new predator? Would that view, if adopted globally, help us face the challenge united?

I’m not trying to be prescriptive. I am hoping to question in such a way that maybe I’ll spark something… solutions must exist. We got ourselves into this mess.

Unfortunately we are certainly destroying our chances of survival with our perpetual need for dominance over all things, one another, the planet and its resources, and all manner of other species. Such sorrow to behold.


Author: Jannine Parke