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May 16, 2018 3 min read


Jannine Park


The first allowance I ever received was monthly, and I was 11 years old. I proceeded to sign over 100% of it to Greenpeace.  The Earth has always been my first love. I thought Greenpeace was going to save the animals. End of story. My naiveté gave me so much certainty and hope.

My goal is to once again feel certain and hopeful in regards to ‘us’, and the health of our planet, and ALL of its inhabitants.


I attended a retreat on Cultural Emergence. The name itself speaks to what I am hoping to be a part of. I am taking undergraduate studies in Environmental Protection Technology (EPT); this program is federally accredited, thus qualifies for reporting in accordance with the EMA.  Currently taking permaculture design as a means of learning new ways to observe, analyze, and apply principals.  As inclined as I am to look to science and applied knowledge for solutions, I believe (know) the root of most problems is a cultural problem. Having spent two weeks in Costa Rica in 2018, I observed that their whole nation loves nature. There was a culture of oneness with their countryside, and pride in their education system, knowledge of their environment and good stewardship. I'm sure the answer to the looming ecological disaster lies in education, I am starting with educating myself. The path before me is yet undefined.... but aren't they all.

I plan to achieve this goal by learning as much about the Earth as I can, while engaging in many platforms for educating.  When the time is right, a large group of predominantly aged women will gather and plan our direction. The one world solution does not need to equal a one world government. Working together because there is only one earth, is (un)common sense. Girls... we got this!


Naturally I want to earn a seat at that table.

An amazing company features me on their blog a few times a month. Social media for my personal example setting and idea sharing. I share what I learn as I go. Volunteer & Travel, both scheduled and spontaneous, as often as I can… until I can’t! Shared and new experiences accelerate growth, I challenge myself, and others if they listen! as much as I dare.


At 40, I can assure myself, that things don’t always go to plan. Sometimes, this is tragic; other times, euphoric. Often plans just go awry and it is inconvenient and annoying, and taxing on close relationships. So I plan, and hold it gently. I never pass up a friend for something ‘better’. I never turn down an interesting invite – like a visit to Edinburgh, just 2 months after meeting folks in Costa Rica for one day.  What’s a weekend with total strangers on another continent??? An adventure, and my gut rarely steers me wrong – they were, ARE, fantastic examples of humans, and a fantastic time was had.  


Engaged and invested in their community, interested and educated regarding global issues and making positive changes in the home and routine behaviours.


Start with education – No country shall fund education less than military. Educate all ages from preschool to third age. Family and Preschool earth classes. Mandatory stewardship hours for all ages. Like taxes, but children are included, and the rewards are immediate as well as long term.


Humans should not be allowed to take and not give back with the Earth. If she had rights like a corporation it would serve us ALL well.


Author: Jannine Parke