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May 30, 2018 1 min read

Helping Those Without a Voice

Animal rights and advocacy has always been important to us. For years we did what we could and would show up to rallys, demonstrations and would foster and rescue when possible.

We knew we could do more and during the rebrand we decided to make animal advocacy a top priority for our company by implementing Impact Day™.

A single day each month where we dedicate 100% of total sales to the advocacy and protection of those without a voice.

Each month the funds raised will be used to support specific causes and missions that need the support. One month it could be a rescue mission, the next month a demonstration and the next it could be a legal case. All that matters is the organizations that need the support will be receiving financial support and manpower from our team on a monthly basis.

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Additionally, when you make the switch to The Best Deodorant In The World, you're saving lives by providing safe drinking water to someone in need. Each deodorant you purchase provides One Year of safe drinking water to someone.

One Deodorant. One Person. One Year of Safe Water.

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Thanks for your support!