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June 03, 2018 2 min read

How to be Cruelty-Free

Are you familiar with the term “cruelty-free”? You might have noticed some companies in recent years advertising their products or services under this label. But what does it imply? What does it actually mean?

Unfortunately, even within the modern world, many products are tested on animals before they can be deemed ‘safe’ for human use. What cruelty-free implies is that the product has NOT been tested on animals.

How can the average, concerned consumer trust that a company truly does not test on animals? Surely it requires more than a simple label? PETA, the largest animal rights organization in the world, goes to great (and often controversial) lengths to expose these companies that are exploiting other creatures. To celebrate and encourage those who don't exploit animals, the certification process entails this: “Companies listed either signed PETA’s statement of assurance or provided a statement verifying that they do not conduct or commission any animal tests on ingredients, formulations, or finished products and that they pledge not to do so in the future.”[1]

Currently, there are no laws at the US federal level to prohibit animal testing, although some states, like California, have passed local laws to reduce and discourage it. As of 2013, the European Union completely forbade cosmetic testing on animals. By and large, however, it’s still a huge, global reality. This usually has to do with nothing more than corporate greed. Animal testing for many products is required by law in China, where countries (including the US) want to sell their products. Companies on PETA’s cruelty-free list have also made the pledge never to sell in China.

Shadily, certain corporations will use the guise of the law to conduct laboratory experiments, claiming that certain animal tests are legally required. The simple translation is: ‘We care more about sales than any animal’s suffering.’ If you want to support companies and products that leave animals out of their testing procedures, just look for the “cruelty-free” or PETA-Certified label.

We are very proud to have a company that is certified as cruelty-free. Not only are no animals exploited or damaged for our products, but we also donate 100% of sales of one day, every month to an animal welfare organization or sanctuary. As humans, we often boast about our humane civility. It’s about time we all lived up to this standard. Support our Indiegogo Campaign or buy a deodorant today; we make it effortless for anyone to have an impact.


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