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July 06, 2018 1 min read

Are you ready to say farewell to plastic straws?

The next time you go out to dine, here are some things you can consider:

 Take a look around…Are there plastic straws in glasses at tables?

Order your drinks… Remember to ask "No straw, please".

Make it known…Politely tell your server why you don’t wish to use any plastic straws at your table.

Appreciate…Your server sees a lot of patrons and hears many different order requests. If they remember and honour yours, be sure to make a point of thanking them for this.

Share on Social Media…You should consider creating a post to your social media platform(s), thanking the server and or praising the restaurant. Pictures with relevant hashtags (ex: #NoPlasticSolutions) engage others and increase shares. Be especially creative if you feel the establishment or server deserves recognition.

Review the Venue…What’s better than a positive social media post? Writing a great review of the restaurant for their accommodating staff and willingness to support sustainable solutions.

Speak to the Manager…If you seriously want to maintain the flow for positive change, ask the restaurant to sign a pledge to serve plastic straws only by request. Ask them to switch to reusable ones, or other biodegradable, single-use straw alternatives.



*This article has been adapted from “How To Be a Last Plastic Straw Agent for Change” byJackie Nuñez, the founder ofThe Last Plastic Straw, a project of Plastic Pollution Coalition.