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May 10, 2018 1 min read


By definition:

Down-selling is the art of narrowing a customer’s expectations and matching them more effectively with a solution that best fulfills their needs or desires.

How will an environmental down-sell movement alter our current way of doing things?

1. Narrowing Customer Expectations – A to-go cup, straw, umbrella, or plastic sword decoration, etc.…… shall not be supplied without request – and associated cost. IN addition, things difficult to dispose of, or non-recyclables, must require an additional enviro fee. This method of fee breakdown is already in use in many industries (automotive, bottling, etc.).

2. Needs – Do the proverbial “we” have the right to assist in decision making regarding others' needs? When those needs include a sustainable environment to perpetuate the human race – yes. Clean air, water, and fertile soil are needs not only of the dreaded ruler race of bipeds, but also the existence of the rest of the living things on the planet – you know – those that sustain us via oxygen production and conversion of sunlight into food and animals that we eat.

3. Desires – The proverbial "we" have no place in designating or judging these. Actions that come out of these though, must be subject to points 1 & 2.

What a ‘WE DOWN SELL’ logo means – consumers must request single use plastic like straws or utensils; to-go containers or decorative extras will be available upon request only (if at all) AND have an associated cost that correlates with the items decomposition rate.


Author: Jannine Parke