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June 03, 2018 1 min read


How would you like to express your thoughts, ideas and creativity and help shape the future of natural deodorant?

Welcome to our fun little ‘Insiders Community’ The Founders Club.

Every week we receive amazing emails from you suggesting new and fun ideas. Some we’ve thought of and some we’ve not.

So we wanted to create an exclusive little community for our SUPER FANS where you can help provide insights, thoughts, ideas and things you’d like to see from The Best. 

So here is what we’ve created for you. Well, for 25 people.

As a member of The Founders Club, you’ll get:

~ Access to new products we’ve been creating and formulating behind the scenes to give your feedback. 
~ Founders SWAG and access to new swag that Joshua has come up with that may or may not challenge the status quo. 
~ Never run out of deodorant with fresh new deodorant on hand all the time
~ Private Founders Club FB community 
~ We’ll provide 6 people with one year of safe drinking water each year you’re a member.

Right now we’re accepting our first 25 members and you can ONLY access this through our Indiegogo campaign.

We're on the final push of our campaign, come check it out and grab one of the limited founders club perks.

When you make the switch to The Best Deodorant In The World, you're saving lives by providing safe drinking water to someone in need. Each deodorant you purchase provides One Year of safe drinking water to someone.

One Deodorant. One Person. One Year of Safe Water.

Check it out: https://bit.ly/2K5GoXl

Thanks for your support!