Over 4,000 Children Die Everyday Because They Lack Access To Clean Water


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June 02, 2018

The Water Crisis Can Be Solved

During the almost 2 years we were recreating the natural deodorant industry, we had an eye opening conversation with one of our friends.

He shared with us that:

Almost 3 Billion people lack access to safe drinking water and a toilet. More scary than that is over 4,000 children die every single day because they don’t have access to safe drinking water.

After hearing this our immediate thought was, this can’t be true. So we spent some time researching this crisis and and came to the realization that is is tragic, wrong, and totally unnecessary.

For years we use to pretend these problems didn’t exist because it was easier to not concern ourselves. We also know it’s not always easy to give.

As a community who loves to see change and help others, we decided to create a way to take care of this for you.

At first we had no idea how, but we started reaching out to different water charities and we ended up joining forces with Matt Damon and Gary White of water.org to create a solution.

The solution needed to be simple, so for every deodorant you purchase, we will provide 1 year of safe drinking water to a person in need.

We needed to be a new kind of deodorant, one where every purchase has a PURPOSE.

Just like Toms shoes, Bombas socks and Warby Parker glasses created a global impact by leading with purpose… You can now change lives with your deodorant purchase. 
We're on the final push of our indiegogo campaign, come check it out and grab one of our amazing perks.

When you make the switch to The Best Deodorant In The World, you're saving lives by providing safe drinking water to someone in need. Each deodorant you purchase provides One Year of safe drinking water to someone.

One Deodorant. One Person. One Year of Safe Water.

Check it out: https://bit.ly/2K5GoXl

Thanks for your support!