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May 24, 2018 2 min read

Water Credit for A Water Crisis

There is a severe water crisis happening in our modern world. Nearly 3 billion people today lack access to clean water or a toilet. Over 4,000 children die every day single day as a result of this. It’s a tragic, complex problem, and despite the scope, there are solutions. There is hope. Water.org is dedicated to solving the global water crisis, with over 25 years of experience and insight. What they know for certain is that the crisis can't be solved with just one tactic.

Individuals want to determine their own future. People in poverty are still citizens - customers with rights and not just people needing charity. Partnering with local organizations, programs are custom-tailored for each unique need. “We engage innovative supporters. We bring in new sources of capital. Our solutions are built to last and must extend to other places quickly. And we develop game changing ideas.” [1]

Water Credit is this: a small loan for a family/community to acquire a water connection or toilet(s). Banks are convinced to make new loans by the financial risk being shared with them. When loans are repaid, the money is recycled to others in need. “Every dollar counts”! This concept (water credit) actually benefits more people at a faster rate, making it an effective, and critical, strategy in combating the worldwide water crisis.

Having access to clean drinking water, and a suitable toilet system, should be the right of all humans, ensuring life and giving dignity. Water.org is prepared to work diligently, and proudly, on your behalf.

So are we...

Since starting our Indiegogo campaign just a few weeks ago, we’ve already provided 2,500 people access to clean drinking water! As a partner of Water.org, every purchase of our deodorant truly does have a purpose. Be included in that purpose, simply by buying a deodorant or supporting our campaign.


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