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June 04, 2018 2 min read

WHY did we change our FORMULA?

Short answer: 
Every part of the formulation needed to be improved for you.

Longer answer:
By majority, most 'natural deodorant' brands are started and still formulated in someones kitchen, and typically based off an article or recipe discovered on the ol' interwebs.

Being humans we want to be different and unique, so we alter formulas so it becomes unique to us.

We know this first hand, because that was us for years.
Find a formula based on nothing scientific and then alter it.
Add mango butter because it sounds cool.

Add magnesium because it helps with odor, Add charcoal...
Blah Blah Blah.

Well, in 2016 when we decided to pull our product from all shelves and transform the face of this industry.

First up was to create a formula based on science and how our bodies respond to specific natural ingredients.
So we hired a REAL formulator.

And quickly discovered why most people never hire formulator.


Not just the formulation part, but the actual testing.
After months of formulating and 200,000 test pits, it was time to celebrate.

A NEW formula that for the first time allows you to transition from toxic off the shelf deodorant or ineffective natural deodorant without the stink or irritation.

With a factory in the USA and a new one opening in Canada, you will be in good hands no matter where you live. 
We're on the final push of our indiegogo campaign, come check it out and grab one of our amazing perks.

When you make the switch to The Best Deodorant In The World, you're saving lives by providing safe drinking water to someone in need. Each deodorant you purchase provides One Year of safe drinking water to someone.

One Deodorant. One Person. One Year of Safe Water.

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Thanks for your support!