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August 30, 2018 2 min read


“Literally built from the ground up” - that’s what you can expect from A&W Canada’s Beyond Meat Burger (according to their website).

Plant-based veggie burgers have existed for decades, yet this particular incarnation has struck a global chord like no other. Is the wildly popular Beyond Meat Burger worthy of the all the buzz, or is it simply a glorified fad destined to be forgotten?

A&W is known for their root beer and their “family” of burgers (all of which are meat-based). It’s ultimately a fast food chain that, until recently, was often associated with similar chains like McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s. This year, A&W Canada truly set their company and their menu apart, not only by adopting a meatless burger option, they took measures to ensure it actually tasted great while aggressively marketing it to the world. Vegans and vegetarians suddenly have a reason to return to a burger chain, even if only out of curiosity.

And they aren’t the only ones to be made curious; even meat-eaters are trying it out. For once, amazingly, a majority of them seem to concur… it’s a damn satisfying burger.

What seems to convince people is how closely it genuinely resembles a real burger, in tase, look, and feel. This is significant, as many have attempted to replicate the delights of real burgers and failed throughout the years.

Although meatless, the patty itself does contain a plethora of ingredients to achieve it’s texture and taste. Also, the rest of the burger contains some animal-derived products (cheese, sauces, etc.); by default this means it is not entirely plant-based, an issue of contention for many vegans. However, customers can simply ask to have these items omitted to make a truly vegan burger, and would also do well to remember that this is fast food from a fast food establishment - don’t expect the healthiest options, meatless or otherwise.

Impressively, the demand for The Beyond Meat Burger far exceeded A&W’s original expectations. As of mid-August, 2018, it is temporarily out of stock. Again, this is a massive achievement, not only for A&W, but for plant-based eaters and plant-based living overall.

Humans are now identifying as vegans or vegetarian so often that the strength of their demands is being recognized and catered to on a large commercial level. The convenience that meat-eaters have enjoyed for decades is now being afforded to people with different diets and preferences, and yes, that is absolutely a great thing. Other establishments will take notice of the success of The Beyond Meat Burger and create their own meatless alternatives.

Making plant-based options more accessible and attractive to everyone will continue to advance vegan and vegetarian trends.

This burger may not be perfect, but it is meatless, tasty, and comparatively healthier. It’s a fantastic place to start.


Author: Taylor Nason