A woman smiling while applying Schmidt's Charcoal & Magnesium deodorant.

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You’ve probably been applying deodorant since you were a teenager and think you’ve got the routine down by now. But when you make the switch to natural deodorant, you might quickly learn that applying your deo isn’t just a swipe and go” part of your routine anymore, and it may take some time adjusting to the nuances of the natural formula you’re applying.

We like to think that the best part of going natural is learning to use your products intentionally. If you take a few moments to know how to apply (just follow the step-by-step guide below 👍), and why you’re applying that way, the little things—staining, build-up, micro-abrasions — could start to be a thing of the past.

1. Clean and exfoliate gently

It’s not your sweat that stinks. Body odor is a result of bacteria on your skin. Deodorant helps, but its benefits are maximized when applied to clean skin. Lather up those underarms and exfoliate gently to rid yourself of bacteria and dead skin cells — it’s a safer bet towards ensuring your delicate skin is ready for a fresh application. Looking for more details on how to take care of your underarms? Check out our official underarm skincare guide (Opens in a new window).

2. Dry it out

Whether your a bath person or shower person, prefer bar soap or body wash, no matter how you cleanse, your underarm skin is going to be a little damp. When applying post-shower, make sure your skin is free of excess moisture. We recommend applying to dry skin versus when it’s wet so your skin can absorb the formula more easily. If your skin’s surface is wet, it’s less likely to absorb the product. Not to mention, some ingredients used in deodorants may react poorly to the water left on your skin, causing some unwanted irritation. Speaking of irritation, if your underarms are freshly shaven, your skin isn’t ready for deodorant yet anyways (see next step).

Woman with brown curly hair wearing sports bra looking down applying Schmidt's Charcoal + Magnesium natural deodorant to her underarm in front of a grey background

Photo courtesy of Schmidt’s

3. Let your skin breathe

If you don’t shave your underarm hair, you can skip this step. Just make sure you’re applying to clean, dry armpits. 💪

If you’re shaving before putting on deodorant, treat your underarms with some respect and wait a few minutes before applying. When you shave, you’re basically creating tiny little cuts on your skin, and applying deodorant when they’re ripe and freshly hairless could cause some irritation. Use that extra time to brush your teeth. Apply your skincare products. Do your hair. Have breakfast! All we ask is that you let those freshly shaven underarms breathe for a little while before putting product right on top. Your underarms are worth the wait, we promise.

4. Time to swipe right

Now, it’s finally time to actually apply your deodorant (though in actuality only 10 minutes or so might have passed).

If you’ve noticed your skin is pulling or your deodorant stick is simply not gliding as it should, try warming your deodorant to your skin before you apply. Our natural formulas warm on contact with body heat. So when you’re gently pressing your deo stick to your skin for 10ish seconds, the oils, butters, and waxes will become softer if you just wait a moment before applying. 

Having difficulty simply turning the deodorant stick dial? A stuck stick can happen but we can help:

  1. Take the cap off , then squeeze around the sides towards the top – this may help the stick​“release” from the sides of the container. 
  2. Then get a good grip on the dial, and apply upward pressure while you twist the dial. This often causes it to twist up easily going forward.

If you’re a jar user, you can learn more about our jar deodorants and how to apply with our guide to natural deodorant jars.

5. Less is more

Too much product is the *pits* and no one likes build-up (which can lead to unwanted stains). Natural deodorant is potent with plant- and mineral-based ingredients to help you maintain a fresh scent for 24 hours. Schmidt’s deodorants don’t use any fillers like water, alcohol, or propylene glycol, so it’s super concentrated formula requires less swiping. Used to Start small with just a couple swipes each day. 

Bonus! A more concentrated formula = less swipes = a stick that lasts much longer.

6. Relax and enjoy your day

Once you’ve applied your deodorant, you can breathe in the inspiring natural scent you just applied and start your day on a fresh note.

Have more questions about how to get the most out of your deodorant? Visit our intro guide to making the switch, or contact our friendly customer support team.

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