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Talking about underarms is our job here in the natural deodorant biz. Our product development team is constantly testing products and innovations with focus and research groups, our HQ is always sharing the details on their latest naturals experiences, and our customer support team is speaking directly with our consumers on the daily about their transition to natural deo. So as official underarm aficionados, we’ve put together an Official Underarm Skincare Guide to help you embrace your underarms and stay confident about a subject that’s often considered taboo, because well, it’s your armpits.

First thing’s first, underarm sweat is natural

One of the most common questions we get is, Will Schmidt’s natural deodorant keep me dry?” The thing is, our bodies are supposed to sweat—it’s a response to keeping your body temperature regulated, detoxifying by expelling solids and metals, and transferring salt back into the bloodstream to maintain proper salinity levels. So, sweat away — it’s only natural. But what to do with your underarms when they do feel sticky, sweaty, and honestly, smelly?

Underarms deserve some TLC, too

Did you know that underarm skin is incredibly thin and one of the most sensitive areas of our bodies? Talking about our underarms might not be ideal for some, but the truth is that area deserves more attention than you might think. In addition to being prone to a variety of sensitivities, our underarms are loaded with nerves and lymph nodes that take materials directly into our bloodstream.

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Cleanse & exfoliate

We don’t always think of our armpits as a dry area, they often feel pretty sticky, but the thin skin under there is actually prone to dryness. This could partly happen because the antibacterial properties of some products can contribute to the drying out of our skin — so a good tip is to stay moisturized and fresh.

Keep your skin moisturized and exfoliate regularly, just like you do with the rest of your body. We suggest using mild soaps and exfoliators, similar to what you might use on your face. Or use a physical exfoliant you can find right in your kitchen, like sugar or salt, and scrub away. A good dry body brush for your underarms can also work wonders for getting that area clear of dead skin cells. 

Feel like spoiling yourself? Give the underarm area a gentle massage to stimulate the lymphatic tissue, which can boost immune response and allow the body to process more fluid. 

Take some time off

By now, it should be clear that the underarms are a sensitive area of our body. It can be helpful for your delicate skin to be given opportunities to recover every once in a while, staying free of products that may dry or irritate, especially for freshly shaven skin.

Applying deodorant right after shaving can be irritating. If you’ve ever experienced razor burn on your legs or face, you’ll know that shaving can create tiny micro-cuts on your skin, giving way for any product applied immediately after to have an adverse affect. So when you’re shaving your underarms, make sure that you’ve washed and exfoliated the area well first. Then, make sure you’re shaving with a clean blade. And when you’re ready to apply deodorant, it’s good to check that the ingredients don’t include anything that will dry up your skin, and are instead known to have moisturizing effects (think: oils and butters). 

Our favorite tip is to try giving your underarms 10 minutes or so before putting on any product, or shave before bed then let your skin relax overnight. Your underarms will thank you.

The Natural should not be considered medical advice. If you have any questions about your health, please consult a physician.